My First Cruise Trip

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Hubby and I finally took a long awaited cruise during our children’s fall break. We have been trying to go on a cruise vacation for a couple years now. Unfortunately due to Covid it was cancelled twice. Well the 3rd try was a charm! I honestly wasn’t expecting this cruise to happen so I didn’t do much planning or shopping for it.

I grabbed many of my accessories out of my own shop!

here’s a small list here

* African Handmade fan
* Sequin Face Mask
* African top with matching headwrap
* Kente Fanny bag
* Personal USB fan 
* Bandana Visor 

Because this was our first cruise and we splurge on a balcony room, we didn’t plan any excursions which I actually am grateful for considering the fact that husband tripped and twisted his ankle as soon as we got to the Miami Port! Ugh.
Anywho, we were going to make the best of it, there was no turning back now.

Our cruise was a 5 day Western Caribbean voyage to Ochos Rios, Jamaica and Bimini, Bahamas on Carnival Sunrise. I don’t even think I realized we were going to Jamaica until a few days before our trip. The cruise dates worked for us so I just booked! Didn’t matter where we were going, I just wanted to be on a cruise ship.
Kente Fanny pack

As we were approaching our cruising date, I remember reading somewhere that it’s a great idea to join a Facebook group that correspond to your cruise ship. I looked it up and sure enough there was a group for our cruise trip. I am glad I joined the group as most group members are regular cruisers and share valuable information that I wasn’t aware of.
We met some of them once on the cruise, but because of my husband twisted ankle we couldn’t participate in all meetings. Also due to Covid, I wanted to maintain social distancing as much as we could by avoiding large crowds.

As I mentioned earlier I didn’t plan or shop much for our cruise, I literally grabbed pieces from my own store See below a few of my favorite pieces that I packed for my cruise. Grab yourself this beautiful top with matching head wrap. 

I received so many compliments on it while in Jamaica. I only have 3 pieces available so act fast!

Grab it Now!


Also check out what I wore during our cruise.



All and all we enjoyed ourselves and will definitely cruise again and I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

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